Monday, June 30, 2008

KY and CA

We visited KY this last month and Grammy also came back with us for a continuing visit. We got to see our cousins. We also learned that if you eat cupcakes with blue icing, it stays blue FOREVER. I don't just mean on your skin either.... lesson learned!

I didn't really take many pictures in KY as I should. Maddie had her first bought of strep throat while there. Every single time we go there she gets something. I hope that isn't foreshadowing for when we move back home!!!!!

We visited "Hollywood Forever" cemetery off of Santa Monica Blvd. This is our second visit. We also went in October of 2006. Grammy's favorite star, Tyrone Power, is buried there along with many other good ol' Hollywood stars.

This is Douglas Fairbanks (Sr. and Jr.) grave. You can tell how huge it is with Grammy standing in front of it. The pond that leads up to it sure needs some cleaning. The whole cemetery has some very beautiful monuments.

The mausoleum where Rudolf Valentino is buried is very ornate. Check out the statues of the Saints. Jason is 6'4" so you can imagine how completely overwhelming these were.

We're not sure who is in the grave in the middle of the pond, but it's so breathtaking. Maddie and Jason are sitting next to it to give some perspective.

This is where John Ramone is buried as well. This cemetery has been used in t.v. shows and movies. We saw an episode of "Supernatural" last season that was taped there. If you look in the distance you can see the Hollywood sign.

As many of you are sick of hearing me say, "I wish Maddie would let me put her hair up," you won't have to hear it anymore!!! It's not easy and I have to move really quick~thus the messiness of the do~but she's letting me put "pretties" in her hair. Thanks Dr. Nicole for the idea!

On Grammy's last full day here in sunny CA, we went to Hermosa Beach so she could put her feet in the Pacific ocean. It's quite cold, but the native Californians don't seem to mind. Maddie's favorite is the sand. It's everywhere, diaper, shoes, car seat, etc........