Friday, June 26, 2009

Maters and Miscellaneous

Daggon storm last night broke over a limb of my mater plant, grape tomatoes.

It also bent this one completely over, Goliath tomatoes.

Maddie wanted to see my piccolo and I told her where to put her pinkies and she just figured out the rest... The flute is a little too long and awkward for her still.
Before we went out to play in the pool, we did an up-do! She looks grown up!

This cutie is a neighbor dog who escapes from his yard every once in a while and comes for a visit. His name is Oscar and he's a Lhasa Apso and he's just friendly as can be. We really like it when he visits and we "have to" take him home.
Nothing much going on here. It's rained and stormed a LOT. We keep having tree limbs down but nothing terrible. Sorry all these pictures are phone taken, but that's what I had available at the time.