Friday, May 29, 2009

1st POOL time in KY

Maddie shivered and shook, but she had a lot of fun in the new little pool! I'm sure we will be enjoying the pool (if the rain stays away for a while) until I get a job. Gotta think positive, right?!?!?

My tomato plants are in the background. I'm so proud of them since I definitely do NOT have a green thumb.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wow! Second post on same day!!!

At the instruction of "thecrazysheeplady" I am posting some cute photos of one of the baby bunnies in our yard. He or she is the only one hanging out near the nest. The tall grass was in the way, but if you click on the picture, you can see a lot more detail.

Their nest is in the tall grass below the tree. I found it while mowing before any tragedy happened, thank goodness.

We went to the Bluegrass Border Collie competition at Masterson Station Park last weekend. I got several little sheepy things at the various vendors, including from the above mentioned "crazysheeplady." She brought her adorable two baby lambs, Keebler and Graham Lamb. They are 5 and 3 weeks old, respectively. The border collies are amazing. It was very interesting watching them work and herd all the sheepies to where they were supposed to be. This was my first visit to this event.


Jason and Maddie were playing with water. That's a bad combination when you add dirt with grass seed which turns to MUD when watered. She had the best time though. As soon as she came in, we had to put her clothes in the sink to soak and her in the tub to soak!

These are my Mother's Day flowers from my Mom. Maddie has her pretzels, of course...

I love this picture. It's simple but it shows her true self.

Mad says this is a bird.