Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween! Arf, arf

All this fall Maddie has been telling me she wanted to be a doggy for Halloween. Well, I found a costume since I'm sewing-challenged and it turned great. It was comfy, except on the warm side. She wore it twice. We went trick-or-treating in downtown Georgetown on Friday afternoon, and then at Fayette Mall on Saturday night. Some people thought she was a boy since they couldn't see all that hair under the hood, but girls can be doggies too! I put some whiskers and a nose on her with some eye liner and away we went. She really got the trick-or-treat thing this year. The last 2 years it was really mystifying her as to why we were going to our neighbors' houses and they gave us candy. She's really getting into it now and next year will really be fun! I hope you all had a spooky and fun time. Now it's November and it's time to get used to the cold weather again.

Take care! (sorry for the phone pic, but haven't uploaded the camera pics yet)

Woof, woof!!!