Monday, March 12, 2007

Teeth and other things....

If you click on this picture, I believe it will open to a larger size and you can definitely see these teeth I was telling you about previously. It took some attempts, but I got a picture of them. She sure likes to use them and bite down on her spoon when eating her cereal or other delight. She also likes to chew on about anything, especially fingers (her hand or ours).

I also finally caught a picture of her sleeping with her little booty up in the air. She sleeps this way most of the time now.

That lovely time change has messed her up a bit. Why on earth do we have to do this twice a year????? It messes me up as well and I can tell time. Poor kids really don't understand. They (the government) have also decided to make this time longer. I can't ever remember what is daylight savings and what is standard. I just know to remember "spring forward, fall back." Let's just "stay still."

Jason found an older memory card from my camera that I hadn't downloaded the pictures yet. There were several pics of Mama Kitty and her kittens, Jack, Stripey, Stormy, and Gray (otherwise known as Tater). I had a good cry about seeing them again. I took a bagillion pictures of them intending to make them a scrapbook, but I get so sad still I can't seem to do it. Never mind that I have a seven month old who isn't quite patient enough for Mommy to scrap. I'll attach some pictures of them. The kittens will be right around 2 years old very soon. Stripey and Gray are pretty easy to pick out, but Jack is the black kitty who has one eye (one-eyed Jack), and Stormy is the other black kitty. Mama is the slightly bigger long-haired black kitty with gorgeous green eyes. I think everyone who would be reading this blog knows this, but Mama Kitty died last spring when I took her to get her spayed. She had a heart attack from the anesthesia and they couldn't revive her. All the kittens are adopted out. Striped went to Johnny Depp's farm in Paris, KY. One of his horse handlers adopted him. Stormy and Jack went together to a family in Scott County. Gray/Tater went to this terrible home in Scott County with three ADHD kids who I regret letting him go to this day! If I EVER see him outside, I'm snatching him..... Anyhoo, here they are... My sweet babies who kept me company for many months.

Sunday was really beautiful here. It was record highs in the upper 80's and 90's in some places. We walked a trail at the Trump National Golf Course that is a couple of miles down from our house. It was some pretty steep walking trails to get down to the water. There were tons of dogs out with their owners playing in the water. Lots of families there taking in the sun. There really weren't any fat people there so I felt very self conscience! We just walked on the beach with Maddie in her stroller. I had to take a few breaks while climbing back up the trails. Stupid me didn't take the camera so we'll have to make the trek again sometime so I can take pictures. We've actually been watching Trump's show "The Apprentice" this season to see if we could recognize any land markers. They've done two shows at the golf course. I had never watched it before and really don't care for it much since it's just twenty-somethings stabbing each other in the back constantly.
Well, I better get Maddie's cereal ready. Today is apples and she really likes them. She may be getting some more teeth soon because she's been a little more cranky than normal and seems to want to sleep more.
For those of you who told me you couldn't leave a comment on this site, I'm not sure why. I checked the settings and I can't figure out what's going on. I did a test on the last post and there are a few people who are able to leave comments. I'll keep trying to figure it out... Sorry I'm not a computer whiz!
Take care!!!!!


Punkin's Mom said...

Let me know if you need help cat nabbing!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is great. I am thoroughly enjoying it when I have time to read them. Maddie just gets cutter by the minute. One sexy little chic in those sunglasses. Hollywood here comes Maddie!