Saturday, January 12, 2008

Back in CA

We had a nice but too short visit to Kentucky. We never have enough time to see everyone. Here are a few pictures to summarize our visit:

Maddie sleeping in the crib borrowed from Mom's friend, Jodie. "Big Bear" was mine many years ago and is still going strong. (He's probably 33 years old or so.)

We visited the Harley store in Lexington and tried out the rocking Harley.

We went to Grandma's work and saw some friendly horses. She works at the American Saddlebred Association located in the Kentucky Horse Park.

Maddie was overwhelmed with what Santa brought her at Grammy's house. It took a couple of days to get everything opened.

We went to Bick's for the afternoon and saw cousin Patrick. He and his parents, Vivian and Rick, came in from Virginia. Bick is Maddie's great-grandmother. Grammy and Pappy gave Maddie this new rocking chair that she loves!

We also had Christmas at Grandma's house with cousins, Lilli and Thomas.

Here's a silly shot of Maddie back in California with her long hair. No, she's not driving a Porshe.

Maddie's first official sandwich! Turkey and cheese. She ate the whole thing!

Maddie and I ventured up to Palm Springs to see Amy. She was up there with a Stampin' Up! conference. We didn't exactly time our driving very well though...

There was a really nice street fair going on that evening on the main drag. We walked around and ate at an Italian bistro. It got a little chilly, but not very cold compared to KY! It was neat to see Aunt Amy all the way in CA!
Like I said~a very nice visit, but not enough time. I must admit, the weather is a major plus out here. It's so beautiful today. I think it's close to 70 or so and very sunny. Of course, the construction is never at rest..... They've really built a lot since we've been gone.
Happy 2008 to everyone. We already miss everyone back home and are looking forward to our next visit!!!!

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