Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!

Here's our motorcycle mama this year. Her cousins gave Maddie this outfit at Christmas last year and it now fits and it's perfect timing. She wondered what in the world I was doing when I slicked her hair down with gel. We went to a few houses but not many people were home or participating. They leave candy in bowls on their front porch with a note to help yourself. Strange! That's not any fun!!! Anyway, Motorcycle Maddie was pretty interested but I couldn't get her to say "trick or treat." Maybe next year!

And if you want to see the cutest costumes and trick-or-treaters you've ever seen, check out Sara's blog for today.

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Punkin's Mom said...

I wish Maddie could have come trick or treating here. We never get any cute kids :-(. Too far out in the country I guess.