Thursday, October 4, 2007

Kitty walks

Now that Maddie is walking pretty well, we take a jaunt to the mailboxes down the street in the afternoon. We also look for Mr. Orange Kitty, the fluffy one and the skinny one, near the mailboxes. The skinny version is so nice and patient with Maddie. The fluffy one is much more skittish and runs away pretty easily. Here is the skinny version Mr. Orange Kitty. He's so sweet and he helps me get some kitty lovin' while we're out here. He's got the longest tail I've ever seen on a cat, but I didn't capture that in these pictures. I'm hoping to get pics of the fluffy one too. I don't know if they're related, but they are almost the exact same color and size (besides the fur). Maddie loves to hear them meow when they walk up to us.

Here's a video of Maddie playing with Mr. Orange Kitty. I have to remind her to be very easy with him. He's had every right to smack her a couple of times and never has. She wants to grab his tail so badly! She does pretty well but I have to keep reminding her to be nice. He sure puts up with her well. At the end of it, she gets stuck on the slight incline of the driveway and I have to abruptly stop the camera so I can help her up. Sorry for the extreme close ups of the kitty, but I had to keep Maddie from pulling his tail or fur.

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