Saturday, December 1, 2007

Maddie's 1st bangs trim at 16 months old!



Maddie turned 16 months old today and Jason just couldn't stand her bangs in her face anymore. I can't say I liked it either, but I didn't really want to cut it yet. I guess that seems like something we would be doing when she got older, a LOT older. I trimmed her bangs and of course kept the wisps in a bag for scrapbooking. She's going to role her eyes at me when she gets older, isn't she? Oh well, that's what moms are for.

Maddie and I went to "Under the Sea" on Friday. It's an indoor play area. I'm not sure why California needs such a thing but it actually rained all day that day. There were tons of kids there. I think it was a bit overwhelming to Mads but she seemed to like it. We met a few more of the stay-at-home moms group there.

Maddie has really enjoyed our plastic Christmas balls this year. Last year we had the brain power enough to buy those for the tree since she would be able to get to them eventually. She loves putting the balls in this shoe box and then dumping them out and flailing her arms to scatter them everywhere. I almost can't bring myself to put them on the tree, not that they'll stay there for long...

On a sad note, Mom's dog Rugby passed away this morning. He's been sick most of his life and she kept him alive by taking such good care of him. Here's an older picture of Rugs at Christmas time. He was 15+ years old.

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