Monday, March 24, 2008

Sorry it's been a while!

I haven't posted anything in quite a while. I guess we've been busy. In a nutshell, Maddie and I surprised Grammy with a birthday visit in KY for 3 weeks. During those weeks Maddie had a cold, ear infection, then Grammy got the cold, then Maddie got a stomach virus in which she shared with me! Whew! Not a very productive visit between the illnesses and the snowy weather. At least Maddie got to see snow/ice. Here are some pictures from our visit:

A small ice storm. Poor dogwood tree!

Maddie wearing my old snow suit. Yes, it's still intact after over 33 years! Maddie wasn't so thrilled with the cold temperatures. She better get used to it come winter of '08!

A small birthday gathering for Grammy. She had no idea that her friends would be showing up here and there all afternoon!

Maddie used Grammy's treadmill as a slide. That's one way to use it I suppose! She was just intrigued with Grammy's gloves for the fireplace. She wore them quite often during our visit.

We made a trip to Howard and Curry's shoe store in Lexington before the illnesses hit. Maddie has gone up a size or so since we got her first shoes in November. I had to share the terrifying, I mean, talking tree with her from my childhood. This tree used to scare the stuffin' out of me when I was little. Maddie was unimpressed. I think it's funny how little this tree really is. It seemed like a redwood when I was small. Oh, and this is a blueberry beauty mark... We had some blueberry pancakes and one stayed behind.

We did some visiting between the cold/ear infection and the stomach virus. Thankfully no one we visited got our germies. We went to Grammy and Pappy's where Maddie had a big time with their two dogs (Sage and Abigail) and six cats (Heddy, Stiltz, Socks, Bushrod, Emmy Lou, and Holly). The dogs kept licking her in the face and she would laugh. The kitties weren't too thrilled with a kid in the house, as most kitties would agree. We visited with my friend, Lisa, and her four kids. Danger Deb and Maddie had a good time. We also got to visit with my friend, Charla, and her daughter, Bella. Bella has graciously donated her Barney videos and stuffed animal to Maddie (thanks Char...."I love you, you love me, we're a happy fam-i-ly")!

We met Pappy and Grammy at Juniper Hills Park towards the end of our visit. She loves the slides! There was a nice man there with his Chiuaua, Pete. Pete has his own wardrobe... Come to find out, the man is related to Grammy's side of the family! Small world.

Grammy & Pappy brought a little bunny for Maddie. It makes bouncing noises. She loves to carry it around the house. We also got to play with Ava (or as Maddie says, "Ah-va"). She's just 3 months younger than Maddie. It was a wonderful surprise to run into Dr. Nicole and Jason, Ah-va's mommy and daddy.

As a sweet idea I heard from G-Judy, I made a half of a birthday cake for Maddie's 18 month birthday. This was before we went to KY, but thought you'd get a laugh out of my sorry baking work. Not every day you turn 1 1/2!

O.K. So now you're at least caught up through early March. I'll post Easter pictures soon. Maddie is almost up from her nap so I won't have any more computer time...



Holly Simpson said...

Nooooo! I didn't even know you guys were in KY!!!!!! sob...sob...sob! We really miss you all! Seth still gets a kick out of remembering feeding Maddie in the park in Georgetown!

Holly Simpson said...

Oh, and one more thing -- I must be terribly dense, but how the heck do you go about making half a cake?!? What a cool idea! I wanna do it, too!