Friday, April 4, 2008

Liar, liar, pants on fire!!!

The construction is going strong. They (a project manager for the Terranea mess) told me over a year ago that they wouldn't do any house-rattling work until after 9:00am because of my sleeping child. Well, not only have they started working from 6am to 10pm (guess they're off schedule), they started this garbage up again. They piled up the dirt, then smoothed it down, then piled it up again and sprayed this green stuff all over it to make grass grow. NOW they're digging it up again. I would think that the reason they are off schedule is because they don't know what the heck they're doing!

Anyway, I went out on the balcony in all my glory, purple sweat pants, gray t-shirt with holes in it and glasses. I took a short video of the guy in the bulldozer thing. He looked up at me a couple of times and probably wondered why this fat, terribly mis-matched woman with fire coming out of her eyes is doing with a camera. Oh well, let him wonder. As Jason has said before, I would like to take some heavy equipment to each and every one of their houses and start her up when they're trying to relax or (gasp!) sleep. They are now using weed eaters to take down the grass. That's also a lovely sound, but nothing compared to the big orange monster in the back yard. Of course, we received the minutes from their last meeting with the home owners association of Sea Bluff and they will be taking down the temporary buildings right behind the house in December of 2008, right when we're leaving. Isn't that just typical???? They started building those buildings the month Maddie and I moved out here and now, they'll be done the month we leave to go back to HOME. Doesn't that just sound like my luck?????

Here's my proof for when they lock me up in the loony bin for going crazy and pelting each worker with eggs from my balcony or something. Actually, I'll have to find something cheaper because eggs are really freakin' expensive out here.

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