Monday, April 28, 2008

AMA Motorcycle Race in Fontana, CA

Saturday we went up to Fontana to see an AMA race. It was in the 90's but the wind was really blowing and it kept things tolerable. Maddie wasn't exactly thrilled with the day, but hopefully the next time we are close to a race, we'll find a babysitter!!! We saw a Kentucky boy (Owensboro), Tommy Hayden, get 3rd place. That's always rather neat. He and his two younger brothers race. We saw their dad in the souvenirs area. We should have gone up and talked to him, but didn't.

I finally got some pictures of the famous "Shoeshine" kitty who Maddie and I visit almost everyday. You've seen pictures of Simba (or Mr. Orange Kitty as titled before we knew their names). Maddie loves to sit on the ground and let Shoeshine rub up against her. Sometimes he can knock her over if she's standing. So cute! He's such a beautiful cat and very loving.

Maddie loves to put on your sunglasses when permitted. These actually stayed on long enough for a quick picture.

Have a great Derby week! We will be watching on Saturday!