Thursday, October 30, 2008

More kitties!

It seems we are now feeding 3 wild kitties in our backyard. I got some face photos of Bob and his friend, the black and white kitty. I say friend, but I had to break them up fighting last night. I shined a flashlight on them and they both looked at me with fur in their mouths. I had to laugh.

Now Bob is the "bravest" one of them all because he'll walk right by me after I put his food in his bowl. The other two are big fraidy cats and will run if you look at them. I couldn't even get a picture of the gray cat because he's so fast to get away.

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Holly Simpson said...

How cool! Maya wants a cat so bad and Ri & I are allergic, so we keep wishing for a stray to be a regular visitor here that we could feed and keep a warm place in our garage.