Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Saturday's Walk

I can't believe it's February and we're able to walk around outside with short sleeves. Back home it's like 8 degrees and snowy. I guess it would take a long time for me to get used to the weather out here. It's beautiful and all, but hard to recognize as "winter."

Saturday we took a walk down Palos Verdes Drive to the lighthouse area. There is a nice building recently built nearby that is for whale watching and other activities. There is going to be a whale watching event on March 3rd that we hope to attend (if good weather). We actually saw a wedding party walking around the area taking their pictures with a photographer and lighting crew. There were a lot of people out since it was such a gorgeous day. It was 84 degrees and sunny. Maddie wore her hat to keep the sun off her little noggin. She seemed to enjoy it and she started falling asleep on our way back to the house. We saw two little lizards on the walk there. They were sunning themselves near the sidewalk. I didn't even jump into traffic when I saw them. ICK. I am such a wimp when it comes to anything lizardy. Such a girl in that regard...
Here are some pictures to show our little jaunt.

As we returned home, the Good Year blimp was out and about. It circles overhead quite often. I suppose it's for advertisement but I thought it was mainly used for sporting events.

Maddie is still beginning her foray into veggies. We've had carrots, peas, and now sweet potatoes. She seems to like them all. I think carrots were her least favorite. She did that shuttering thing a couple of times when given bites of the orange mush. We also introduced good ol' prunes into her cereal to help things along. That's what Dr. Segall advised to do and boy did it work. BOY did it work... She's so funny to feed because you can just tell she's thinking about her new found tastes. She also likes to "fake" cough to get a laugh. The last couple of feedings, she's sneezed and sprayed me with oatmeal cereal bits. That was lovely. She thought is was hilarious. She also likes to give me the raspberries with food in her mouth. I definitely don't wear nice things while feeding this little stinker. These pics are of peas and carrots, respectively.

On the following Sunday, I was washing bottles and saw an odd site out the window. It was a bride and groom on a motorcycle with their photography crew taking pictures in the cleared out area behind the house. It was very gloomy and cooler that day so I'm not sure why they chose to take their pictures outside. The bride had a very short dress on and a very LONG veil. The groom had his motorcycle leather jacket and jeans on so he didn't quite match his bride. It was so windy, the veil kept flying out behind the girl as if they were actually riding. Maybe that's what they were going for. Made me think of our wedding with the motorcycle...
I guess I'll close for now. Maddie is sleeping and I'm going to take the opportunity to get dressed and prepare to run some errands. Have a great day!


Pam said...

Hey Shelley!! I love your blog. What a great idea!! The pitures are priceless.

Miss you!

Holly Simpson said...

Hi, Shelley! Love that last set of pictures! Especially the one with Maddie reaching out for the palm branch. She's grown so much. So sweet. Matt just left for Clearwater Beach, Florida for a work trip, so I'm suffering from palm tree and beach envy really bad today!

Take care,


Kathleen said...

Oh Shelley Maddie looks soooo adcorable!!! Can't wait to see you guys again - don't forget to call me when Aunt Jane gets in!! We want to come up and see you!! I'm around all weekend if you want some company!! Morgan is in town visiting from college and Dylan is having a blast w/ his sister but hey say the word and we can do a road trip to RPV! Remember - we're just an hour away!! Ok girl - I gotta get back to work!!!
Love you guys so much! Give Maddie kisses!!!

NicoleDC said...

Hey Shelley! Maddie is adorable. You really aren't missing the weather here. It is cold cold cold. I am trying to get some pics of Ava online, so I will send them when it works. Talk to you soon, Nicole

Jane Wilson said...

Hi Honey,
I love the pictures of Maddie eating her veggies. I'll be sure to bring some old clothes to wear when it's my turn to feed her. I can't wait to see you all.